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4 Bullet-Proof Ideas For Architects To Get Clients


Networking is important for architecture firms in Dubai. It doesn’t cost anything but your time and helps you build relationships. However, it might seem like a waste of time to network with people who don’t have projects ready to start. Instead of wasting your time and energy, you should focus on taking action to generate leads.

Architects need a bullet-proof barrier:

A bullet-proof barrier is not just a nice feature in your building. It also helps protect people from being injured by gunfire. The barrier is made of steel and divides a room into two separate chambers. The design also needs to consider the location of the HVAC system, the lighting and the power supply. Lastly, an orange extension cord and a fan must be placed beneath the ballistic door.

Architects should adapt to current working climates:

Adapting to current working climates is essential for architects. Increasing concern about climate change and pandemics force the industry to change and implement new, sustainable processes. This means that architects must speed up energy-efficient materials and technologies. The building sector is the largest energy consumer and accounts for 40% of global CO2 emissions. As a result, more experts call for more drastic changes in building processes.

Architects should stop relying on traditional methods of generating leads:

While word of mouth is still an important aspect of marketing, architects must also look to the online world to connect with potential clients. Many marketing strategies for architecture firms use social media and competitions to attract potential clients. While word of mouth has its place, architects must create a brand and establish authority online.

The amount of networking that takes place online has eclipsed the number of attendees at architecture events. It’s more important than ever to reach a wider audience than your competitors and prove that your services are worth the money and effort. With so many architects vying for a limited number of projects, generating substantial leads is difficult.

Architects should start a blog:

One of the best ways to market your architectural firm is to create a successful blog. A successful blog will demonstrate your expertise and show potential clients what you’re capable of. Besides writing informative posts, a blog also provides networking opportunities. By collaborating with other architecture firms, you’ll be able to uniquely bring your firm’s story to readers.

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