Career Options Within The Tobacco Industry


The tobacco industry encompasses companies and persons engaged in tobacco production, preparation, shipping, advertising, and distribution. The industry is vast and encompasses several different sectors. Tobacco companies in UAE are often categorized by their product type. These companies may be privately owned or have global operations.

Tobacco inspectors check that products meet quality standards:

Tobacco inspectors are responsible for ensuring tobacco products are safe and compliant with regulations. They will determine whether a product is a drug, a device, or a combination of all three. Tobacco inspectors will also conduct random compliance checks at licensed retail tobacco vendors.

Maintenance and mechanical workers maintain equipment:

Maintenance and mechanical workers are needed to ensure the efficiency of tobacco companies’ manufacturing processes. They ensure that equipment is in good working condition and free of faults. This role requires a thorough knowledge of safety and health regulations.

Lawyers represent tobacco companies in lawsuits:

Lawyers representing tobacco companies in lawsuits face unique challenges. The industry is notoriously difficult to prosecute, and a loss could mean millions for liability insurers. Moreover, tobacco cases belong to the category of product liability cases, which also cover defective products.

Executives in the industry recruit from a network of recruiters:

Tobacco executives are in high demand as the global tobacco industry faces a new era of opportunity and change. In this new era, major tobacco companies are seeking highly skilled executives to help them navigate the new trends, find new markets and strategize around emerging areas such as the legal cannabis market. Tobacco inspectors work 18-hour days

As a tobacco inspector, you will conduct compliance checks at retail tobacco stores and act as a positive role model. This job requires initiative and flexibility. It also requires some paperwork, so you should have basic writing and typing skills. This job may be for you if you have a passion for youth tobacco prevention.

Tobacco inspectors must have further education:

The Indoor clean air act requires a higher percentage of indoor workplaces to be smoke-free and restricts smoking areas. These restrictions include areas within 10 feet of windows, doors, ventilation intakes, and accessibility ramps. Under this new law, inspectors need further education to ensure they meet the new standards.

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