What Makes A University Good? 


Good accredited universities in UAE should have several core characteristics. One of these is its global character. The university must be committed to promoting scientific knowledge in all fields. It also must fight to maintain its independence in imparting knowledge. It should also be tolerant of dissenting views. Moreover, it should encourage its students to collaborate with other students and to contribute to their community through sports and activities. Read to learn more about the characteristics of a good university.

Effective assessment:

Effective assessment is essential for improving student learning and should involve a diverse range of people on campus. It should include faculty members, student-affairs educators, librarians, administrators, and others. It should also encourage reflection and self-analysis of students’ learning.


Internationalization has always been an important feature of a university. Historically, however, international aspects have been more informal and fragmented. Today, however, the global economy and the end of the Cold War have created a context for strategic internationalization in higher education. Furthermore, international organizations have put internationalization at the top of their reform agenda.


Scholarships are an essential part of attending a good university. These opportunities are available from many sources, including universities, businesses, and philanthropists. There are also private and community organizations that provide these opportunities.


Traditionally, decisions about the quality of teaching have been based on personal preferences. The curriculum chosen is often the focus of “improving teaching.” However, research has shown that curriculum selection plays a relatively minor role in meaningful student learning. Instead, students need to think like experts in a specific area.

Rankings are important to parents of students:

Rankings are important to parents of students at university and college alike, but they should refrain from driving a decision. A college’s location, size, academic programs, and people surrounding the student are much more important. The people around a student can inspire them to try new things and also inspire them to change their plans.

They must create a unique value proposition that appeals to students:

For colleges to remain competitive, they must create a unique value proposition that appeals to students. To do this, they need to identify new barriers that impede student success and address those barriers. For example, they need to improve virtual learning opportunities, expand services for nontraditional students, and provide a seamless digital experience. These changes will improve student outcomes and boost economic mobility.

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