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Who Are Invisible Braces Good For?


Whether you are looking for a simple treatment for minor issues or a comprehensive treatment for more complex dental issues, invisible braces in Dubai can improve your smile. You can choose a procedure based on your budget, issue severity, and desired results. You can also pay with insurance or through a down payment. Additional costs may include cleaning materials, carrying cases, retainers, and other oral health necessities.


Invisalign is a great solution for many dental problems. It can correct problems such as crowded teeth, gaps, and open and closed bites. Its removable aligners also make it easy to floss and clean your teeth. You will receive instructions and a special cleaning solution for your aligners during the treatment.

Straight teeth are a great way to improve confidence. Many people associate braces with adolescence, but many adults opt to get braces in adulthood. Invisible braces are a great option for adults, as they are highly discreet and effective. In addition to increasing self-esteem, straight teeth will also improve your smile.

People with serious dental needs:

Invisible braces can help people with problems like crossbites, underbites, and overbites, as well as gaps and crowding of teeth. They are also an excellent option for patients uncomfortable with the appearance of metal braces. The benefits of invisible braces include being nearly invisible, and they can also be removed for eating and other activities. Plus, they are about the same price as traditional metal braces.

Those with simple cases:

Invisible braces work by using clear, removable aligners that fit the teeth in precise positions. Similar to metal braces, these aligners straighten the teeth. They can be removed for short periods, but most require wearing the aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. Depending on the provider, treatment can take anywhere from four to six months.

The costs for invisible braces can range anywhere from DH 1,200 to DH 6,500. This doesn’t include the cost of the impression kit, cleaning solution, or copays for in-office visits. You should also consider whether you can pay the cost upfront or have to finance it over time. The upfront cost is often lower than the monthly payments.

Those with less severe cases:

Invisible braces are an excellent option for those with less severe orthodontic problems. They are an alternative to metal braces, which require dental impressions and regular adjustments. In addition, patients are required to wear retainers after treatment. The disadvantages of metal braces include their inability to be removed and the need for meticulous oral hygiene. In addition, metal braces may require water irrigators.

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