History of Acai

Numerous people may call it a fruit that cries or a fruit that weeps but in reality, it is a fruit that expels water. Its origin starts from the Brazil and Amazon region where the Acai tree grows the acai fruit. You can get acai bowls in Jumeirah coffee shops.

Found in many parts of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guianas, and many parts of the world. Acai remains one of the most important ingredients to manufacture many great things that we eat daily, such as, drinks, juices, ice creams, and jellies. You can get acai bowls in speciality coffee shops.

If we are to call it with its scientific name – the Acai fruit is what the scientists call it as Euterpe Oleracea Mart and has a botanical family from the roots of Arecaceae (Palmae).

The Acai fruit degenerates quickly as scientists’ report suggests its endurance time as 48 hours even if you refrigerate it for more than the specified time. That is why, the production of acai fruit is done every day, seven days a week, and is taken out before the dawn completely.

However, the acai fruit is sensibly one of the most energy-rich fruit as it contains a high-calorie value with 2.37 percent of protein content, as well as, 5.96 percent of fat content.

The acai fruit is rich in many forms as it contains the essentials ingredients that are suitable for a human body such as proteins, fibers, lipids, minerals as phosphorous, calcium, and iron. If you are worrying about whether if it contains vital nutrients like vitamins then you have assurances from the scientists’ point of view as it contains the rich amount of both the vitamins B and C complex.

The acai fruit has an origin from the roots of Brazil and is in consideration for the world’s largest producer, hence responsible for the 83 percent of the acai fruit of the world’s supply.

The acai fruit is essential in North Brazil as they use it not only as a daily dish but as the main course dish. Not only in Brazil but, in other parts of the world, the acai fruit is famous for its super energy-rich ingredients as it contains essential vitamins and necessary protein and fat content which makes it capable of being used as an energy supplement for more than 50 percent of the youngsters of all over the world

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