Interior Design Process – The 4 Phases


The interior design process involves the development of floor plans, elevations, and specifications. The designer will also choose materials and furnishings and create cost estimates. The resulting design is presented to the client for review and approval. When it comes to interior design, there are various phases involved in this process. These phases include the schematic design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. Each phase will involve unique challenges and a range of design solutions. Here, we will define these phases briefly. See this site to find reliable turnkey interior solutions.

Schematic design:

During the schematic design phase, the architect and client will discuss what they hope to achieve with the project. The architect will then produce various sketches to express various possible design concepts. The sketches may vary in scale and use different parts of the site or space. Ultimately, the client will select a design based on what they like best.

After developing preliminary designs, the designer will refine them and add details to the drawings. This phase also involves sourcing specific items for the space. It’s also a time for the designer to test ideas to ensure they are feasible.

Construction documents:

Construction documents are essential to the successful completion of any interior design project. These documents contain detailed information about the project’s scope and materials. They permit estimate costs and communicate design intent to contractors and vendors. These documents also lay the foundation for physical construction. They contain specifications for structural and electrical elements, finishes, and furniture.


Bidding is a key step in the interior design process. It is a competitive process that helps ensure contractors compete for the same job. This improves decision-making by the owner and uncovers new potential contractors. It also helps to ensure quality and efficiency. The bidding process can help the owner save money without sacrificing quality.

Construction administration:

The construction administration phase of the interior design process includes the development of construction drawings and specifications. These drawings communicate the design intent to contractors and vendors. They also serve as a guide for the contractor’s design execution. The architect may visit during this phase to ensure the contractor follows the design specifications.

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